Tax Preparation

Side-by-side tax preparation!  The best way to control your taxes is to be there while your taxes are being prepared.  Appointments generally last 90-120 minutes and walk out with a completed tax return with efile already in process.

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Drop-Off Service

Don't have a lot of time, and don't want the stress of watching every number?  Are your taxes a little more complex than most?  Drop off takes 15-30 minutes, and then you come back a week or so later to pick them up.

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Tax Planning

The biggest life decisions also have tax impacts.  If marriage, a new-home, children, college, or retirement are in your future - take 60 minutes and get pointed in the right direction.

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Solutions for the Individual

Every person has a story - let us help take your story and turn it into a a tax return.  We support the following types of Returns:

  • W-2 wage earners
  • Retired persons (1099-R and Social Security)
  • Self-Employed Sole Proprietors (Schedule C)
  • Investors and Day-Traders (Schedule D)
  • Private Landlords (Schedule E)
  • Local Farmers (Schedule F)
  • Multi-State Returns

Treating every Client as an Individual

This is our ninth year in the community, and our success comes from working with each Client to meet their individual needs.  You aren't just a taxpayer - you are a person.  Everyone has a tax burden, and it is our goal to make that burden as low as possible - and while doing so, we ensure our Clients have a better understanding of how they can impact their tax future.


Setup an appointment

In-person preparation or drop-off and forget - give us a call at 302-464-1016 to schedule an appointment.